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Ravensworth CE Primary School Creative Curriculum 2016-2017

At Ravensworth Church of England VC Primary School we organise our learning into creative curriculum themes so the Autumn term focusses on themes that are about the children and things that are familiar to them- These are the “Me, Myself, I” themes and have a special focus on myself and the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of learning. This means that all the children start from a secure base of what they know and what is familiar and can confidently contribute to learning in the class. In the Spring term the themes develop to look at our locality and environment, subject focuses during this term are Science and Geography. By the Summer term when children feel more confident and have developed higher level questioning and exploration skills we look at themes which explore the wider world. Subject focuses this term include Science and Geography.

We follow the NYCC syllabus for RE (SACRE), but alongside this we study one religion per year in depth, this year we will be learning all about Christianity.   SEAL (Social Emotional Aspects of Learning), PSHE & C (Personal, Social, Health, Emotional and Cultural) and living and learning about Christian Values are very important to us at Ravensworth Church of England Primary School.

Phonics and reading is an integral part of our curriculum and the children in Key Stage 1 learn in many ways: including discrete daily phonics and through daily guided reading sessions.  We follow the  Letters and Sounds programme and Jolly Phonics to teach phonics and use a wide variety of books to meet the needs of all of our children.  These are: Oxford Reading Tree, Rigby Star, Jelly & Bean, Dandellion Launchers, Rhyme World and Ladybird.

All our themes are based upon questions and we develop the children’s questioning skills as they learn. We always include children in planning each theme and in preparation we ask children three questions-

What do you know about this theme already? this prevents children revisiting areas they are already confident about

What do we need to learn about this theme? This will be drawn from the national curriculum blocks that are set out in the long term plans

What would you like to learn about this theme? These are the questions that children would like to answer during the theme and this is usually the area that really engages the children in their learning and develops their ability to lead their own learning.

If you require any further information regarding our curriculum, please contact the school office.

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Class 1 Year 1 Autumn 1 thematic plan

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