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Medical Consent

We have recently been reviewing our policies and procedures regarding the administration of medicines on school premises. 

In order to follow County guidance, please note that we are now unable to administer medication without a signed consent form, which can be found here.

We are no longer able to accept 'verbal consents' or even written consent in the form of notes, but must request that the appropriate documentation is filled in.

Of course, if you wish to administer medication to your child in school yourself, this is always possible.

Chronic Illness

For chronic illnesses such as severe asthma, eczema, anaphylaxis etc., a health care plan must be completed by a parent or medical professional. This can be found here.

Please note that children who manage their own conditions (e.g. mild asthmatics), do not need a health care plan*, but must be made aware that if they take their medication, they must notify a member of staff in case of a future emergency (e.g. if a child takes their inhaler, but later has an asthma attack, staff need to be able to describe what medication has already been taken). If you wish your child to self-medicate (e.g. take their inhalers as needed), please fill in and return this form, here

Consent Forms

Please find below copies of all the consent forms.

Request to Administer Medication

Health Care Plan

Request for Child to Carry and Self Administer Medication

*(Paragraph 7.7, NYCC Managing Medication and Complex Health Care needs of Children and Young People, 2012)


Health Team Letter

Please click here for a letter about health services supporting children and young people in and out of school.